Workshop in IE University

IE University of Architecture and Design
2 days workshop

Directed by Anupama Kundoo

In collaboration with : Solán de Cabras and HAY Festival

Workshop Assistants : Alba Balmaseda, Pravar Chaudhary, Cristina Pérez and Akshid Rajendrán.

18-19 September 2015
Sagovia, Spain

‘Waterwall’ is an installation that reestablishes the value of water in Segovia, a city that is internationally renowned for its aqueducts, at an age where this precious resource cannot be taken for granted.

The installation is a transparent fluid curtain made with water bottles, a method to store and transport water just like the aqueducts. Both cases are enabled by design.

In the age of climate change water is arguably a key issue in society. Water is precious and essential to sustain life, and with the growing concerns about its shortage and quality it is even more precious. Securing water to sustain future life is a design challenge. This is the message that this installation transmits.

‘A message in a bottle’ is delivered to people who participate in the event at the IE University. Bottles with messages are distributed from the Waterwall day by day till it disappears. This is a performance about how people in a community are able to dematerialize the conception of solidity associated to walls through fluidity.

After drinking the water, people may leave their own message about water inside the empty bottle. These messages will reach other participants in another place and time in the future.

This is only the starting point, or the source of a new cycle of water reaching people.

IE School of Architecture and Design

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