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Alba Balmaseda Domínguez, graduated as an architect from University of Madrid (ETSAM) in 2010 with the highest grade in her final degree project that was awarded with the ASCER National Prize 2011.

She was selected to study at University of Rome “La Sapienza” during 2006 – 2007, as part of the Erasmus Program. She then secured her Master’s Degree in Advanced Projects at ETSAM in September 2011 with the topic ‘Le Corbusier and India’. She won the international competition ‘Padiglione Infanzia’ of Milano with Ariadna Barrio in June 2014. She has participated in projects in several international institutions such as the Vastu Shilpa Foundation, University of Nairobi and Tokyo Wonder Site.

Her strengths are urban design, sustainable development, collective spaces and inclusive architecture. She has collaborated with I + P Architecture (Vigo) and with VIC Collective (Madrid). At Anupama Kundoo architects she is researching and working on urban and architectural design, affordability issues, construction systems, teaching assistance and hands-on learning workshops.

Yashoda Joshi, holds B. Arch from University of Pune and has worked and trained with some of the best architects in India such as Balkrishna Doshi, Christopher Benninger over last fifteen years. She has also worked with Habitat et Territoire Conseil in Paris on Urban renewal and Community planning projects.
Yashoda Joshi has had a varied experience of working on campus design, residential design, educational institute and interior design projects based in India, France and Bhutan. Currently, as an associate with Anupama Kundoo architects, she has been working on residential and research projects in India. For last two years she has been working as an adjunct Faculty with Brick School of Architecture, Pune.
Her interests lie in sustainability, traditional building crafts, urban studies, music and theatre. She is trained in Hindustani vocal music and is involved in various theatre and art direction projects with playwrights and film directors in Mumbai and Pune. She also serves on the Board of Trustees of Gillo Foundation (Theatre Repertory) in Mumbai.
Sonali Phadnis joined Anupama Kundoo Architects in the year 1999 after having graduated with B. Arch from University of Pune, India.

Since then she has worked as a project architect for various projects in Auroville and elsewhere in India.

Sonali Phadnis has worked in close association with many sustainable building practices in Auroville while being involved in implementing them successfully. She is a member of Auroville International Township and is actively involved in the town planning and building of the city of Auroville. Currently she is a member of Auroville Board of Architects and has designed and executed several architectural projects independently.