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Mitra Youth Hostel

Mitra Youth Hostel


Auroville, India
2005 – 2006

Mitra Youth hostel is a facility planned to welcome visiting youth for short and medium term
stay in Auroville. Located in the planned city center of Auroville, based on the architect’s
urban design for the area, this 3 storey building is situated in the habitat belt of the city’s
central administrative area very close to the Town Hall Complex also designed by the

With single and double rooms, and 2 dormitories per floor, a total of 60 people can be
accommodated during full occupancy. The design arranges the various rooms along a singly
loaded corridor, which bends along the assigned plot in an obtuse angle that encloses a paved
courtyard that is shaded by the building and therefore useable by the residents as a public
space. Terraces and spaces for occupation by smaller spontaneous groups on various floor
levels allow the hostel to have a social nature facilitating contact between residents. Each
room has a small private balcony facing away from the social side of the building.

Common bathrooms and kitchens are provided per floor as spaces that foster sharing and
community living while also allowing the facility to be affordable to visiting youth from
diverse backgrounds. An external staircase allows people to return to their rooms without
having to enter through an office or administration desk.
The building is constructed with plastered brick masonry, and reinforced cement concrete

Photos by : Javier Callejas