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UCJC Spring Workshop

Susana Canogar, Anupama Kundoo, Daniel Zarza

May 28 – June 12
UCJC Ferraz (Quintana 21, Madrid)


The workshop will explore the topic of peripheral landscapes as a means and support for food production, improvement of habitat and appropriate infrastructure systems and how these diverse realities relate to the city, following the growing movement to reconnect cities to their productive landscapes and to include local food systems in the urban planning agenda.

The area subject to scrutiny begins south of the city and embraces the fertile riverbanks of the Manzanares River, beyond the Madrid-Río linear park, with remnants of pastureland adjacent to some of the neediest neighborhoods of the city. The objective will be to explore the potential of creating a new corridor able to enhance the area and to make a connection connecting this area to Matadero, the former city abattoir converted now a vibrant cultural complex. The exercise will tackle the challenges along the way, such as the Caja Mágica, an immense and isolated sports hall, major highway junctions and the municipal water treatment plant of La China before arriving at the Mercado de Frutas y Hortalizas, the abandoned main fruit market of Madrid.

These and other aspects will be explored to devise strategies and develop proposals to enhance the latent but powerful possibilities of the area. Site visits, hands-on workshops, guests’ lectures and relevant city tours will offer invaluable insight into the issues at hand.

Practical Data
Price: 480 euros
Price for UCJC students: 240 euros

Limited places
To take part in the workshop you will need to present your CV, portfolio and a letter of motivation by 18 May 2015.
The first selection will take place on 20 May 2015.



Thursday 28
Inaugural session with Susana Canogar

Friday 29
Cycle tour from Madrid Río to the Manzanares river

Monday 01
Work session with Daniel Zarza, Anupama Kundoo and Susana Canogar.
City tour: CEIA “Huerto del Retiro”

Tuesday 02
Integrative Workshop 01. Ferraz
City tour: Wellington Hotel Terrace Garden

Wednesday 03
Integrative Workshop 02. Ferraz
City tour: Farming. Rivas Vacía Madrid

Thursday 04
Integrative Workshop 03. Ferraz
City tour: Montecarmelo Orchard

Friday 05
City tour: green production Hands-on workshop. Fundación Tomillo.

Monday 08
Mid Review with Susana Canogar, Daniel Zarza and Anupama Kundoo

Tuesday 09
Studio Session / Workshop. Ferraz

Wednesday 10
Studio Session / Workshop. Ferraz

Thursday 11
Studio Session / Workshop. Ferraz

Friday 12
Final Review with Daniel Zarza, Anupama Kundoo and Susana Canogar

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