‘Anupama Kundoo’s handmade architecture’ in Financial Times


Edwin Heathcote met me in Madrid for this interview. He had seen my work at the Venice Biennale. The article does not mention Ray Meeker as the pioneer of the Baked insitu mud houses, but implies that I have developed this type of construction: “She also developed a type of house that is its own kiln, a mud-brick shell within which all the casinobonuses.io constituent parts- from the bricks and roof tiles to washbasins and plumbing pipes- are fired as the house is slowly completed’.  As I have designed three projects with this technique as well as done my PhD on Ray Meeker’s pioneering technology, there may be many references that link me to this technique. Concerned that this suggestion is erroneous, I have brought this matter to Edwin Heathcote’s attention.

Financial Times. ‘‘Anupama Kundoo’s handmade architecture’ Edwin Heathcote. 28 March 2014.

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