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Selection of Lectures, Conferences, Workshops, Juries

2012, January
New Technologies for ancient Building Materials
Panel discussion on the implications of tall buildings in developing countries
ASHRAE Conference on Sustainable Buildings, Delhi

2012, January
Affordable Green Building Alternatives: Solutions that don’t address the bulk of India are hardly solutions
Organized by University of Sidney
Global Studio Program, Bhopal

2010, April
Form Follows Technology
Lecture presenting own work, Parsons The New School of Design, New York

2009, November
The Demands of Main Street: Embracing Local
Culture to Create Unstoppable Sustainable Communities

Speaker, Green Build Expo in Phoenix, Arizona

2009, November
Material Matters: Innovations for Mainstreaming
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona

2009, November
Lecture “Urbanisation in a Rural Context”
Filmscreening “In Comparison” featuring my project, and Podium discussion with film director, Harun Farocki
Berlin, Aedes

2009, October
Design, Construction and Environmental Implications
Erfurt, University of Applied Sciences

2009, October
Exhibition “What Makes India Urban?”
Featuring innovative design and construction in personal practice
Berlin, Aedes

2009, September
Discussion on “Brick” following screening of “In Comparison” by Harun Farocki
Hamburg, Cinepolis

2009, May
Material Matters: The Shaping of Sustainable Architecture
Beirut, Lebanese American University

2009, April
Thinking with the Hands: Research within Architectural Practice
Ithaca, Cornell University

2009, April
Emerging Exchanges: New Architectures in India
New York, jointly organized by The Architectural League of New York,
the India China Institute of The New School, and Parsons The New
School for Design

2009, March
Research on Beauty: Architecture-Design-Innovation
Lausitz, University of Applied Sciences

2009, March
Research on Beauty: Architecture-Design-Innovation
Berlin, University of Technology

2008, December
Learning to Learn: Reflections on Architectural Education and Practice

Ahmedabad, CEPT School of Architecture

2008, November
“Uprootedness and the Sense of Home”, Introduction of the exhibition Sheila Rock: Sera, Photographs from a Tibetan exile monastery in Northern India
Hamburg, Galerie Hilaneh von Kories

2008, November
Climatic Design and Sustainability: Research, Achievements and 
Visions for the Future
Delft, University of Technology

2008, December
Learning to Learn: Reflections on Architectural Education and Practice

Ahmedabad, CEPT School of Architecture

2007, October
Fire-stabilised mud houses
Cottbus, Trialog conference

2006, April
Keynote speaker at “The Future is Now!”
Sydney, Royal Australian Institute of Architects

2006, April
Indian Architecture, Tradition and Current Trends”
Berlin, Technische Universität

2006, April
“Using Traditional Construction Materials in Innovative Ways”
Berlin, Technische Universität

2006, April
“Changing Paradigms: Old Delhi and New Delhi”
Berlin, Technische Universität

2006, March
“Golconde: India”s first example of solar passive modern architecture”
Mumbai, Conference: “Modernism and Indian Architecture”

2005, December
The Association of Siamese Architects, Keynote Speaker
Chiang Mai, 13th Arcasia Forum

2005, November
Virtual Site Visit for Diploma Students
Darmstadt, Technische Universität

2005, July
“7 Ideas of Beauty: Beauty in the XXI Century”
Keynote Speaker, Madrid, International Architecture Seminar

2004, December
“Architecture and Sustainable Development in the Tropical Context”
Keynote Speaker, Guadeloupe, Pan-American Congress

2004, October
World Green Building Congress
Speaker, Hyderabad, India

2004, March
Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority Panel Discussion
Chennai, India

2004, January
Bilbao, Collegio de Arquitectos,

2003, October
Goa, Indian Institute of Interior Design

2003, July
Presentation of Own Work

2003, July
New York, Indian Embassy

2003, May
“Sustainable Building Design”
Barcelona, Seminar of Asia – Urbs Project of the European Commission
by the municipalities of Barcelona, London and Haryana

2003 February
Pune, Indian Institute of Interior Designers

2003 February
Central Regional Conference on “Green Architecture”
Surat, Indian Institute of Architects

2003 January
“Experimental Construction Techniques”
Mumbai, Kamla Raheja Institute for Architecture and Environmental

2002, November
“India Goes Green”
Austin, TX, World Green Building Conference

2002, September
“Sustainable Development and Human Unity”
Mumbai, Asia – Urbs Program presentation of the European Commission

2002, July
“Material Matters”
Berlin, Technische Universität

2002, July
“Sustainable Development and Human Unity”
Venice, Asia – Urbs Program Presentation of the European Commission

2002, May
Empowerment of Women in Construction Industry
Conference, ASCENT 
Chennai, India

2001, November
Aurangabad, Indian Institute of Architects

2001, October
Nasik, School of Architecture

2001, August
Berlin, Urban Issue Forum

2000, April
“Sustainable Living – An Agenda for ACTION”
UNCHS (Habitat) and Citizens Alliance for sustainable living (SUSTAIN), 
”Ecological buildings for Metropolitan Areas”, Workshop 2000+,
Chennai, India

2000, March
“Green Architecture”
Workshop for students, Chennai, Sathyabhama College of Architecture

2000, February
Conference: Women in Architecture
Works of South Asian women architects, Hecar Foundation
Keynote Speaker, Mumbai, India

2000, February
Young Architects Festival
Pune, Indian Institute of Architects

2000, February
Conference: Encounters
Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for
Architecture and Environmental Studies, “Sustainable Development Alternatives”
Mumbai, India

2000, January
International Conference on Urbanization and Housing II
Commonwealth Association of Architects and The Indian Institute of
Architects in Sustainable Development of Urban Infrastructure and
Bangalore, India

1999, January
Architecture Forum, NCPA
Mohile Parikh Center for Visual Arts,
Mumbai (Bombay), India

1999, December
“Sustainability and Architecture”
42nd Annual NASA Millennium Convention
Bangalore, India

1999, October
Workshop for the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources on Renewable Energy
Conducted by Solagni
Pondicherry, India

1999, January
“Cities of the Future”
Workshop, Auroville, India