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Barcelona, IaaC University

The objective of this workshop was to initiate an in depth experiential understanding of architecture and to stimulate the further contemplation of it as a synthesis of spatial qualities, materials, technologies; behavioural, social and cultural values. The method of direct engagement began with the reconstruction of models of selected case-studies. Teams of 3-5 students focused on each case-study, and analyzed the various aspects of architecture after understanding it integrally and inside-out. Through comparison with other case-studies within the workshop the reflection led to the discovery of the underlying strategies that are the common ground in the various projects beyond the apparent differences in choice of materials, technologies and program. While students concentrated on a single project using one particular building technology and a single method of model-making, the outcome was their wider exposure to the whole group’s findings, as the individual projects will be always analysed in the context of other projects through comparison. The case studies that will form the basis of this investigation are a selection of built projects of Anupama Kundoo Architects.

Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia (IaaC)

Barcelona, Spain

November 2013

Director: Anupama Kundoo

Guest Critics: Silvia Brandi (Academic Coordinator at IaaC), Arndt Goldack (Associate Professor at TU Berlin), Areti Markopoulou (Director of R+D at IaaC) and Gerd Fleischmann (Designer and Professor)

Students: Mardet Gebreyesus, Mohamad Yassin, Rasha Sukkarieh, Remita Thomas, Wen Shan Foo, Alejandro Martinez, Alessio Verdolino, Ruxandra Iancu, Tobias Grumstrup, Chung Kai Hsieh, Luis Leon Lopez, Natalie Alima, Sahil Sharma, Ian Mann, Richard Aoun.