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Samskara, Made in India © 2014 Anshika Varma


Auroville, UCJC University

Opportunity for full-scale hands-on learning experience.
Development of a ferrocement prototype of a basic living unit.
Understanding Ferrocement and its potential as an affordable technology in environmental and economic terms.
Site-visit to other ferrocement case studies in Auroville.
2 week production of prefabricated elements in Auroville area.
1 week assembly of prototype at MIDAS campus at the 57th Convention of NASA India in Chennai.
Visit to the exhibition of Affordable Housing Award entries at NASA in Chennai.

Universidad Camilo José Cela (UCJC)

Auroville, India

January 2015

In collaboration with: National Association of Schools of Architecture (NASA India) and Marg Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi (MIDAS)

Director: Anupama Kundoo

Teaching assistants: Alba Balmaseda and Sebastiano Giannesini

Workshop Team: Yashoda Joshi, Sekkar Sokkalingam and Sonali Phadnis

Structural Engineer: Venkata Rangarao

UCJC Students: Julia Garrido, Juan Antonio Isidro, Mercedes Sánchez and Francisco Salvá

Craftsmen Team: Muthu Lingam, Mani Kandem , Peryasamy , Seran , Raja Tamil Selvi, Prakash, Suresh, Muthuvel, Parthipan, Iyyapan and Sathish

Local Volunteers: Asha Nachimuthu , Arun Prabhu N G, Keerthana Subramaniam , Karthiga, Samyukthaa Natrajan and Sivasidhambaran