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Samskara, Made in India © 2014 Anshika Varma


Auroville, TUB, TUD, ETH and Cornell Universites

This project was a prototype for a housing cluster for homelessvchildren at Touttipakkam, outskirts of Pondicherry, India. By the end of the workshop, the concerned NGO, ‘Volontariat’ decided to go ahead with the complete project for an orphanage in this technique. The project is now under construction and will house upto 25 children along with their common facilities.

The students of TU Berlin, TU Darmstadt, ETH Zürich and Cornell University participated in the month-long workshop and apart from being involved in the building and firing of this structure; they took up individual research areas for further investigation.

The direct involvement and overall guidance of Ray Meeker, pioneer of baked insitu structures, who devoted 15 years to developing this technology, is gratefully acknowledged. To Dr. Alka Hingorani, who spent the whole month with us in order to thoroughly document the project photographically as well as on film, I am also extremely grateful.

TU Berlin , TU Darmstadt, ETH Zurich and Cornell University.

Auroville, India

February – April 2008

Director: Anupama Kundoo

Workshop team: Ray Meeker (Technical Adviser), Vanayagam (Contractor), Alka Hinrogani (Art Historian and Still Photographer), Harum Farocki (Film Documentation)

Students: Cardoso de Almeida, Bedrettin Altay, Karen Irina Ehret, Marianne Halblaub Miranda, Andres Herzog, Christian Huber, Ana Beatriz Nestlehnen, Katherine Vitale.