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Auroville, AA University

Diploma 9, from the Architectural Association of London, was invited to finance and build a watch tower for the Botanical Garden of the international city of Auroville, on the east of southern India.
Since 1968, groups of people from all around the world, have been building the experimental township. Today the latest challenge is to transfer all the innovation onto a urban scale to create a sustainable development able to answer the global challenge of the new century.
BEYOND JOHNNY. An environmental watch tower for the botanical garden of Auroville.
Architectural Association (AA)

Auroville, India

March 2007

Director: Anupama Kundoo

With the support of: Elena Barthel and Andrew Freear

Students: Joo-Han Baek, Ivana Bocina, Thomas Burnford, Alex Catterall, Joo Yun Cho, Antonios Daikos, François Guyot, Soo Hyun Jin, Killion Mokwete, Yuki Namba, Marisa Shahrir, Sherman Tang, Bienaca Thelmo and Jae Won Yi.