Published Projects

In Books



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In Magazines


From India to Italy via Brisbane - Wall House goes global

Online article by Dan Nancarrow, June 6, 2012 


Innovative Techniques using age-old Building Materials

BuildoTech, p 54-57, April 2012


Roger Anger – Research on Beauty, Architecture 1953 - 2008

Auroville Today, Auroville, April 2010


Bricks and Mortar

India Today: Woman, Volume 2 Number 1,
Living Media India, Ltd, Delhi, January 2008

Beyond Johnny

Un osservatorio per il giardino botanico di Auroville,India,
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Made in India

AD Architectural Design, John Wiley and Sons Ltd,
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The Future is Now

Aa Architecture Australia, Volume 95 No 4,
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The Future is Now

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Back to Basic Wall

Art4d, Corporation 4d Ltd, Bangkok, May 2006

Eco-friendly Approach

Architecture + Design, Vol XXIII No 2, Media Transasia, Delhi, February 2006

Town Hall Complex

Architecture + Design, Vol XXIII No 1, Media Transasia, Delhi, January 2006

Creativity: Urban Eco-Community

Architecture + Design, Vol XXIII No 1, Media Transasia, Delhi, January 2006

Appropriate, Sustainable, Eco-friendly

A House in Tune with the Earth, Inside Outside,
Business India, Mumbai, November 2005

Urban Village

Architect Anupama Kundoo’s community housing project Creativity in Auroville,
Indian Architect & Builder, Volume 18 (11),
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The Sangamam Experience

Auroville Today, Auroville, April 2004

Simple and Beautiful

Creating the first part of the World Center in five months, Auroville Today, Auroville,
A step towards Auroville unity?, Auroville Today, Auroville, October 2003

The Poetics of Sustainability

World Architecture, Contemporary Vernacular
edited by William Lim, Beijing, January 2003
A model village opens its doors

Auroville Today, Auroville, May 2002

The young enthused architect award

Architecture + Design, November - December 2001

   Internationaal architectuur uit India

Duurzaam Bouwen, The Netherlands, September 2001

Sri Aurobindo World Center of Human Unity

Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects, Mumbai, July 2001

Hewn out of Nature

Perfect Ten, Jasubhai Publications, Mumbai, May - June 2001


Auroville, Reality, Vol. 1, No. 4, March 2001

Community Spirit

World Architecture, The Builder Group,
London, February 2001

Sri Aurobindo World Centre for Human Unity

Auroville, Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects,
Mumbai, October 2000

Methods to Survival

Anupama Kundoo’s house in Auroville reflects the zest the architect infuses in all her projects, Indian Architect & Builder, Volume 13 (7)
   Jasubhai Publications, Mumbai, March 2000

   Auroville - Architect bygger I Nilgiris

Svalorna, February 2000

House in Utopia

The Wall House Auroville, Auroville, 2000

Lust for Life

Indian Architect & Builder,
   Jasubhai Publications, Mumbai, March 1996


Auroville Today, Auroville, March 1996

In Films

UQ Centre Stage at Venice Biennale,  Video in UQ News TV
06 June 2012

Zum Vergleich / By Comparison, featuring the project ‘Volontariat Orphanage’ shown at the Berlinale 2009 on 9, 12 and 15 February in the section FORUM Germany,
Austria, 2009, 61 min, Harun Farocki Film Production, Berlin, 2009

 Ashiana, a Zee Television series, Mumbai, featuring ‘Wall House’,
 Auroville, 24 July 2000