The architecture practice began in 1990 with a strong focus on material research with the view of reducing the environmental impact of building technologies. An innovative approach to architecture is supported by intensive research and experimentation from the development of building technologies and integration of energy and water-efficient infrastructure solutions to building prototypes that are environmentally sound and socio-economically beneficial.

Anupama Kundoo

Born in 1967 in Pune, India



2005 - 2008 Doctoral Studies (Dr.-Ing.) Thesis: Building with Fire. Baked-Insitu Mud Houses of India. Evolution and Analysis of Ray Meeker’s Experiments, Technische Universität, Berlin

1996 - 1997 Vastu Shilpa Research Fellowship, Thesis: Urban Eco-Community: Design and Analysis for Sustainability, Vastu Shilpa Foundation, Ahmedabad  

1984 - 1989 Bachelor of Architecture degree with First Class Honours, Sir J.J. College of Architecture, University of Bombay



2003 Architect of the Year Award, Category Group Housing, JK Cement, India

2001 Honourable Mention “Young Enthused Architect Category”, A+D Awards, India

2000 Architect of the Future, Indian Architect + Builder Award, India

1999 Architect of the Year Award, Category Young Architect, Focus State TN, India



2002 - 2004 Sustainable Design Consultant to ICAEN, (Institute of energy, Catalunya, Spain), in partnership with the municipalities of London and the state of Haryana in India

2004 Associate, Indian Institute of Architects2004

2003 Jury Member, IIID Award for Interior Design, Indian Institute of Interior Design

2003 Jury Member, Louis Kahn Trophy, National Association of Students of Architecture at Chennai

1996 - 2006 Chief executive of ‘Kolam’, an Architectural Design and Construction Unit set up under the Auroville Foundation, Auroville, India

1993 Licensed Registered Architect, Council of Architecture India


Planning Projects

2005–2007       City Centre, Auroville

2004–2005        Adyar Eco-Park, Chennai     

2001–2004        Administrative Zone, Auroville    


Public Buildings

2010–                 Auditorium and Library, Dacca

2009–                 Keystone Tribal Crafts Center, Kotagiri

2008–                 Keystone Honey-processing Unit, Kotagiri

2006–                 Auroville Town Hall, Auroville

2005–2006        MITRA Youth Hostel, Auroville

2005–2007        Sports Facilities, New Creation, Auroville

2005–2007        Mereville Trust, Incense Factory, Auroville 

2004–2005        Abri Transport Service, Auroville       

2002–2004        Workshops for Auroville Village Action, Auroville   

2002–2005        Multimedia Centre, Auroville

2001–2003        Auroville Center for Urban Research, Auroville

2000–2004        Keystone Centre, Kotagiri

2000–2001        Training Center for Auroville Village Action, Auroville                                                    

2000–2001        Sub-Health Centers at Rayapudupakkam, Thiruvai, Poothurai, Aprampetu 

1999–2000        Sri Aurobindo World Centre of Human Unity, Auroville

1999–2000        Child-Line Centre, Thiruvanamalai

1999–2000        Life-Line Centre, Thiruvanamalai

1997–1998        Animal Dispensary, Dayakara Trust

1996                   Community Kitchen, Aurogreen Kitchen, Auroville

1995–1997        Mechanical Training Centre, Auroville


Collective Housing

2008–                Volontariat Orphanage, Pondicherry

2005–                PARSN: Housing Complex, Coimbatore 

2002–2003       SECURE: Senior Citizens User-Friendly Housing, Visakhapatnam

2001–2005        Urban Eco Community, Auroville      

2001–2003        Sangamam: Cost effective housing, Auroville

2001–2002        Promesse Staff Quarters, Auroville  


Single Family Residences

2010–                 Residence Shammy Jacob, Chennai

2003–2004        Sneh and Pratim's House, Kotagiri

2003–2004        Vivek’s House Pondicherry

2002–2003        Mulley’s House, Kotagiri                                                                                  

2002–2003        Anita’s House, Kotagiri

2002–2003        House for Paul and Claudine, Auroville

2001–2002        Mathew's House, Kotagiri

2001                   House for Kireet Joshi, Auroville  

2001                   House for Krishan Myer, Auroville  

2000–2001        Spiritsense, Fired House, Bommayapalayam

1997–2000        Wall House, Auroville

1999                    House for Karen and Gerald, Auroville

1998–1999        Care Taker's House, Spirit Sense, Auroville

1998–1999        Courtine's House, near Pondicherry

1998–1999        Mathew's House, Kotagiri

1998                   Residence Hemant Divya, Auroville

1997–1998        Ried House, Pondicherry

1996                   Kolam Studio Residence, Petite Ferme, Auroville

1991–1992        Residence Pierre Tran, Auroville

1990                   Hut in Petite Ferme, Auroville